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Sports injuries commonly occur as a result of direct trauma, overuse or failure as a result of applying force which is greater than our bodies are able to sustain.  We specialise in diagnosing and treating sports injuries, whether they are acute or chronic.  If you have a sports related injury and want expert advice fast we recommend a consultation with one of our specialist Physiotherapists. We have extensive experience in elite sport from rugby to tennis, volleyball to boxing...whatever the injury, we have the skills to get you back to full fitness fast!

Some of the most common injuries we treat are:

  • Acute muscle strains, tears and pulls
  • Joint injuries (twisting injuries, overstrain, ligament injuries)
  • Running injuries - (e.g. overuse, biomechanical, shin splints, tendon and muscle injuries)
  • Shoulder injuries (e.g. dislocations, instability, impingement)
  • rehabilitation from fractures and post operative care for surgical procedures
  • and many more

We are able to get to the bottom of your problem using a wide variety of assessment and Physiotherapy treatment techniques.  Our Physiotherapists are experts in rehabilitation and will give you the best advice availiable, on helping you return to and maintaining your fitness for as long as you choose to compete.

We also have links to specialst sports physicians and consultants if further specialist opinion is required. 

If you require any further information please get in touch. Follow our blog to find out what we're up to, our latest treatment experiences from our clients and some intersting takes on a variety of Physio related topics!