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Sports Massage


Sports massage is a form of deep tissue massage to help improve our muscles and connective tissues response to loading following exercise.  As we train for a sport or work in jobs which demands our joints are places in awkward postures, our muscles, overtime may alter their response to loading to help achieve efficiency.  Unfortunately, this is not always a positive thing as our muscular system requires a degree of balance to function optimally, to allow co-ordinated movement for sports and activities of daily living.   Sports massage can help a variety of people from sports persons, sedentiary workers to manual workers in recovering from the stresses and strains of training or work and can be an excellent addition to your recovery.

What to expect on your first session?

Our therapist will take a brief history of your problem and screen your muscular system for tight or underactive structures as a 'baseline'.  Treatment will then be agreed and targeted to those structures deemed overactive or uneractive and a comparison of the baseline can then be made.

Our therapist can also advise you on what exercises/training strategies may be appropriate to help improve the condition of your muscles in the long.  Sessions can be booked for 30 or 60 minute time slots and discounts are available for block booking sessions.

The perfect compliment to a sports massage session when training is THE PERFORMANCE MATRIX , which helps to indentify uncontrolled movement, which more recent studies would suggest is a contributory factor to developing recurrent injury.

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